Temboan Beach

Masarang Foundation has acquired over 800 hectares of land along the Temboan Beach coast in the Minahasa district of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Here we will bring back a rainforest.


The area has experienced long term non-sustainable land management followed by recurring fires and as a result, there are now vast areas of Imperata cylindrica grass. These grasslands are prone to more future frequent fires, thereby every time expanding the grassland area when more trees on the edges die.

Masarang intends to make this area into a permanent conservation zone. To achieve this legal status a procedure is needed through the regional land agency to change the status of agricultural land to a conservation area and with an HGU (the right for Masarang to manage the land in any way that contributes to the zonation designation).

This process will run parallel with the finalization of the land ownership certificate to join all the different pieces of land already legally purchased from many individual owners into one large and secure property in name of the Masarang Foundation. The local government has already promised to speed up the process of the status change, supporting the approaches of the Masarang Foundation of working with the environment and local people.

Read here our Temboan Beach Masterplan 

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Our objectives, for restoring the nature at Temboan beach

  • Safeguard the precious Temboan Beach and its coral reefs (including the hinterland).
  • Develop structural initiatives to protect the endangered leatherback and other sea turtle species through patrols and socialization programs and educational programs.
  • Protect the beaches from aberration by sea-level rise through a package of practical measures such as speeding up coral growth with low voltage Biorock systems and providing strategically placed physical structures to enhance sand deposition (a project with Delft University).
  • Engage the local community by offering small-scale and zero-waste employment opportunities such as small-scale agroforestry, work in reforestation, providing palm juice to a mini sugar factory, construction and operation of an eco-lodge and as rangers.
  • Plant a new biodiverse food forest on the more than 100 hectares of grasslands to stop fires and erosion to protect the corals, to produce food for animals at the site and in Tasikoki, to create a new habitat for wildlife releases and support local jobs.
  • Make the project self-sufficient from the ecolodge income, the tapping of palm trees, production of surplus fruit, provision of volunteer opportunities and production of non-timber forest products such as rattan, resins, aromatic oils, etc.
  • Set up an educational program and unit to demonstrate the use and value of biochar, promising local plant species, environmental friendly zero waste production systems and agroforestry based reforestation. Read our carbon-sequestration plan
  • Involve local students and potentially foreign students in research on the coral reefs and seagrass areas and see how the reforestation reduces the sediment load in the water coming into the present coral and seagrass area and how this impacts the quality of those two important ecosystems.
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