Reforestation projects by Masarang

Much of Indonesia tropical forest has been destroyed. In Kalimantan and Sulawesi large pieces of land have been deforested. The result: large-scale carbon emissions, floods, wildfires, loss of biodiversity and food shortages.


Masarang has reforestation projects in both Sulawesi and Kalimantan. With the principles of agroforestry, an ecologically responsible farming system, forest cover is maintained alongside sustainable production of food and other natural resources.

The video of Willie Smits at his popular TED talk best describes our methodology.

See the beautiful rainforest we created at Masarang Mountain

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The objectives of reforestation

  • A high biodiversity of both animals and plants.
  • The production of food, wood, medicine and energy for the people.
  • A stable water supply in the valleys and a local climate with sufficient rain and lower temperatures.
  • Carbon storage to mitigate climate change.

Masarang creates new forests, looking at the needs of the people. This way the people care for the forests and protect them.

See the results

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