Reforestation projects by Masarang

Much of Indonesia tropical forest has been destroyed. In Kalimantan and Sulawesi large pieces of land have been deforested which has created some disastrous consequences: large-scale carbon emissions, floods, wildfires, destruction of habitat, food shortages, threats to biodiversity and so on.


Masarang has reforestation projects in both Sulawesi and Kalimantan. With the principles of agroforestry, an ecologically responsible farming system, forest cover is maintained alongside sustainable production of food and other natural resources. This method helps improve the economic, environmental and social value of the forest. New forest is not only created with these principles, protection of existing forest is also ameliorated.The pictures show the Masarang mountain in 2004 and the situation in 2018. The results of reforestation can be quite spectacular! See also Masarang mountain, one of the most successful Masarang projects!

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Your donation is key to restore the rainforests of Indonesia, preserve the habitat for endangered animals, and help local communities to live in balance with nature. Together, we can make a difference!

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Beautiful impression of the reforestation of Masarang Mountain
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Our objectives

Forest cover is crucial for:

  • A stable water supply in the valleys and a local climate with sufficient rain and lower temperatures. This regulation of water and climate is of great importance to the agricultural yields of neighbouring areas.
  • Maintenance of the diversity of flora and fauna (biodiversity) and the structure of their interactions (ecosystem).
  • The production of food, wood, medicine, energy and other resources
  • Carbon storage.

With reforestation Masarang, wishes to protect the existing rain forest and create new tropical forest cover. Improved use of the ecological and economic potential of the forest helps create development for and by the local people. This way the local population plays a central role in the protection of their forests.

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