Please donate, your donation is vital for the important work of Masarang

We need your support and help us with our projects:

  • Stop deforestation and preserve ‘the lungs of the world’.
  • Provide care and hope for endangered animal species.
  • Protect the sea turtle nesting grounds of Sulawesi.


Help Masarang foundation by donating today!

Please donate, your donation is vital, all received donations go directly to our programs in Indonesia.
Your donation is vital to implement our ingenious and effective solutions to global problems.

You enable us to fight: accelerated extinction of plants and animals, (child)poverty in the third world, deforestation and climate change. On behalf of the children, the animals and the forest: MANY THANKS!

You can transfer money to our bank account:

IBAN: NL07RABO0132619008
Swift address/BIC code: RABONL2U
Account number: 132619008
Bank: Rabobank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Masarang aims that for every euro donated a minimum of  € 0.95 goes directly to the projects. This can be achieved because Masarang minimizes overhead and administrative costs. The people of Masarang International are volunteers who do this work out of passion and receive no payments. Only for some much-needed external services (such as accounting, IT maintenance and payment handling) fees have to be paid, however, these are significantly discounted given the charitable objective of the Foundation. Also, Masarang does not work with intermediaries (who cost money) and only with local employees who work in projects and receive a (relatively low) local wage. Consequently, each donated Euro yields maximum return for the environment.

Masarang Foundation has a number of projects, as you can read on our website. For instance Tasikoki, our wildlife rescue centre which is located in the northern tip of Sulawesi (Indonesia), close to the animal trafficking routes to China and the Philippines.