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Lecture 10 March: ‘Yes! A new rainforest!’

Willie Smits will give a lecture titled ‘Yes! A new rainforest’ in Veghel on March 10, 2023. If you wish to attend, please click here.

“There is still time and opportunity to clean up the mess
that man has created. In close collaboration with local communities,
Masarang protects animal life and restores the rainforests of Indonesia”

Willie Smits – Founder Masarang Foundation

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue

Tasikoki Wildlife rescue centre needs your help right away! Following the COVID-19 pandemic Tasikoki’s income sources have completely disappeared. The animals of Tasikoki depend on your generous gift.

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Reforestation Masarang

Masarang has reforestation projects in both Sulawesi and Kalimantan. With the principles of agroforestry, an ecologically responsible farming system, forest cover is maintained alongside sustainable production of food and other natural resources.

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Temboan Beach

Masarang Foundation has acquired the unspoiled Temboan Beach in North Sulawesi, Indonesia and saved it from industrial exploitation. For ages, this beach has been a favorite nesting place for the endangered Leatherhead Turtles.

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Amazing Sugar Palm

The sugar palm plays a central role in our reforestation programs. This amazing tree converts sunlight into palm sugar juice and is a source of income for local communities. 

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Your donation is key to restore the rainforests of Indonesia, preserve the habitat for endangered animals, and help local communities to live in balance with nature. Together, we can make a difference!

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