Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre

Tasikoki is the wildlife rescue centre of the Masarang Foundation. It is located in the northern tip of Sulawesi, close to the animal trafficking routes to China and the Philippines. 
Every year hundreds of animals are intercepted by customs in the neighbouring port of Bitung and delivered to Tasikoki. The animals receive food here, are professionally cared for, and with Tasikoki’s rehabilitation program they have a chance to be released back into the wild.


Tasikoki wildlife rescue centre’s budget

Tasikoki’s annual budget is roughly € 250,000. We use this money to feed the animals, to fund the modest salaries of staff, and, last but not least, to pay for the veterinarian’s costs.

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Tasikoki’s objectives

Tasikoki aims to:

  • combat the trade in wild animals, confiscate illegally traded animals, provide care and release them into the wild when possible.
  • offer high-quality care to animals that unfortunately cannot be released because, for example, they are unable to survive in the wild or because their habitat has been destroyed.
  • provide education to the local population about nature conservation and wildlife.
  • build and share knowledge on how to manage and sustain biodiversity in Indonesia.
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