Our work to stop the illegal trade in wildlife

The Tasikoki Wildlife rescue centre in North Sulawesi was started at the end of the 90s by Dr Willie Smits. Together with a number of other rescue centres in Indonesia, Tasikoki aimed to combat the illegal trade in wildlife and provide care for confiscated animals.


Tasikoki combat illegal wildlife trade

The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry supports Tasikoki in fighting the trade and smuggling of endangered animal species. This collaboration has resulted in providing shelter and care for about 100 different animal species. The Ministry of Forestry only pays for less than 5% of the centre’s cost and we are therefore largely dependent on volunteers and donations. North Sulawesi is a well-known route for wildlife smuggling from Indonesia to the Philippines and the global market. Endangered animals from across the Indonesian archipelago suffer from this trade route. For example, in addition to the many indigenous animal species from Sulawesi, Tasikoki currently harbours animals from:
Sumatra: e.g. Siamang monkey
Borneo: orangutans, gibbons, sun bears
Java: Javanese leopard and turtles
cassowary, parrots, crocodiles.
Tasikoki is located in a strategic location to help the authorities with tackling this crime and to rehabilitate confiscated animals.The centre has a team of dedicated employees, who offer professional care to the animals, let them recover and, if possible, prepare them for reintroduction into the wild. In addition to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, Tasikoki provides local education programs to raise awareness of the threats to wildlife and the precious biodiversity of Indonesia.

Look here for a small overview of the different species we have taken care of at Tasikoki

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More than 1000 animals of countless protected species

In the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre, Masarang has taken care of more than 1000 animals of countless protected species, such as black macaques, gibbons, orang-utans, a variety of birds, pythons and a Javanese leopard. Animals are nurtured until they are in good health again and, whenever possible, released in nature. Masarang is also actively involved in combatting the smuggling of wildlife and in confiscating illegally traded animals. We also give information and education to schools and local communities. Each month, over a hundred school kids used to come to Tasikoki.Masarang has built a unique biodiversity database in which the animals, plants, and trees of Sulawesi and Kalimantan are documented. This has proven to be a powerful tool in the restoration of degraded ecosystems.