These are the people of Masarang

Masarang’s innovative projects and work would not exist without the efforts and the willpower of many volunteers, especially in Indonesia, who are committed to nature conservation and local development with unremitting dedication.


Masarang in Indonesia

Willie Smits

“I initiated the Masarang Foundation in the year 2001 based upon the traditional values of the local Tombulu people to preserve the fast vanishing and unique biodiversity of the island of Sulawesi. Originally we hoped to preserve the local culture and knowhow of the local people and to do reforestation of the denuded slopes of the Masarang Mountain. Soon we learned that it would take much more… Now I dare say that our greatly scaled-up work in North Sulawesi has become exemplary for its integration of social acceptability, environmental sustainability and economic feasibility. We are proud to now share our positive results with people from all around Indonesia.

Dudung Pakpahan

“Masarang final goal is, save the nature while improve local people life quality…
This goal is my dream and the purpose of my long journey as Environment Conservation activist… 
So reach that goal is like to make my dream come true…
The challenge is huge, the road is oftenly stiff.. Only the strong heart and believe can make us move forward to reach the goal…”

Billy Lolowang

“I believe every wildlife belong in the wild playing their own role in ecosystem that benefit human in every aspects to protect the nature where we share space to live.
Nothing better to see the animals in the wild, not being kept as pets. And Masarang Foundation especially Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre give me opportunity to contribute in the wildlife conservation, to give opportunity and hopes for the rescued wildlife to be back to its habitat.”

Masarang International

Henk Kaskens

Chairman of the Board

Johannes Freije

Treasurer of the Board

Peter Krekel

Secretary of the Board

Rowena Facee Schaeffer

“By working in primate rescue centers like Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre in Sulawesi and Sintang Orangutan Center in Kalimantan, I saw with my own eyes the impact of the deforestation caused by the oil palm industry. At the same time I learned that there are alternatives and solutions with Masarang’s projects. Not only for the rainforest, wildlife and biodiversity, but also for the local populations, who are deeply affected by the deforestation. Time is of the essence and that is why I gladly contribute.”