Help us restoring Temboan Beach

Masarang Foundation has acquired large pieces of land along the Temboan Beach in the Minahasa district of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Help us to

  • safeguard the precious Temboan Beach and its coral reefs (including the hinterland)
  • develop structural initiatives to protect the endangered leatherback and other sea turtle species through patrols and socialization programs and educational programs
  • protect the beaches from aberration by sea level rise through a package of practical measures such as speeding up coral growth with low voltage Biorock systems and providing strategically placed physical structures to enhance sand deposition (project with Delft University).


Every bit counts!

€ 25 donation
Planting, maintenance, and monitoring of 10 trees for the Temboan Reforestation Project

€ 100 donation
One month of salary for a tough ranger patrolling Temboan Beach to prevent poachers from snatching the eggs of the endangered Leatherhead Turtle

Help our organisation by donating today!
All donations go directly to our programs in Indonesia.

Your donation is key to restore the rainforests of Indonesia, preserve the habitat for endangered animals, and help local communities to live in balance with nature. Together, we can make a difference. On behalf of the rainforest, the animals, and the local communities: MANY THANKS!

You can transfer money to our bank account:

Iban number: NL07RABO0132619008
Swift address/BIC code: RABONL2U
Account number: 132619008
Bank: Rabobank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Masarang will transfer all donations directly to the projects in Indonesia. This can be achieved because Masarang minimizes overhead and administrative costs. The people behind Masarang International are all volunteers who do this work out of passion and receive no pay or any other compensation. External services (such as accounting, IT, and bank services) are significantly reduced due to the charitable objectives of our foundation. Also, Masarang does not work with intermediaries (who charge money) and only with local people in Indonesia. Consequently, each donated Euro yields a maximum return for the environment.