Support Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre

Masarang Foundation wants to update you on the situation in Tasikoki since animals and keepers need your support desperately. Our goal is to collect €150.000 each year.  We encourage you to share this cry for help with your family, friends, and everybody else with a big heart for wildlife and nature.


Tasikoki’s annual budget is approximately € 250.000. The majority is spent on animal food, modest salaries for the keepers, and the vet’s bill. Prior to the COVID 19 crisis, more than 50% of this budget was funded by international volunteers, school visits, and tourists visiting the eco-lodge. This year, everything is different and all traditional sources of income have vanished. As a consequence, the animals and people of Tasikoki are now completely dependent on donations.

To help Tasikoki bridge the gap and survive the next 12 months, we need € 150.000 to provide shelter to the animals, buy their food and medical care, and pay the staff members. With your support, the unfortunate animals get a second chance on a good life. We need all the help we can get.

Every bit counts!

€ 25 donation
Four weeks of fresh food and nutrition for Betty, our noisy but adorable Siamang Gibbon, or for Emma our supersweet Slow Loris

€ 100 donation
One month of salary for one of our loyal Tasikoki keepers

Each and every day, we need € 200 to feed the animals, a keeper makes € 30 per week and the Tasikoki vets spend roughly € 1000 per month on medication. Are you ready to help? Together we can make a difference and offer Tasikoki a lifeline.

Our goal is to collect € 150.000 each year. On the donation monitor you can follow the progress of our campaign. The Masarang foundation is a volunteer organization and 100% of all donation money is used by Tasikoki. We encourage you to share this cry for help with your family, friends, and everybody else with a big heart for wildlife and nature. Terima kasih! On behalf of Masarang and Tasikoki.

Help our organisation by donating today!
All donations go directly to our programs in Indonesia.

Your donation is key to restore the rainforests of Indonesia, preserve the habitat for endangered animals, and help local communities to live in balance with nature. Together, we can make a difference. On behalf of the rainforest, the animals, and the local communities: MANY THANKS!

You can transfer money to our bank account:

Iban number: NL07RABO0132619008
Swift address/BIC code: RABONL2U
Account number: 132619008
Bank: Rabobank, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Masarang will transfer all donations directly to the projects in Indonesia. This can be achieved because Masarang minimizes overhead and administrative costs. The people behind Masarang International are all volunteers who do this work out of passion and receive no pay or any other compensation. External services (such as accounting, IT, and bank services) are significantly reduced due to the charitable objectives of our foundation. Also, Masarang does not work with intermediaries (who charge money) and only with local people in Indonesia. Consequently, each donated Euro yields a maximum return for the environment.