The Masarang Scholarship Programme

We at the Department of Culture and Education in the Masarang Foundation are proud to present to you our scholarship programme.

This is a programme where we provide funding for the education of the children of people working for affiliate groups of Yayasan Masarang. There are in total fifty students given money every semester which in Indonesia is every six months. There are twenty SMA (Senior High School) students, twenty SMP (Junior High School) students and ten students studying at the ITM University in the programme. The SMP and SMA students are children of the Sugar Palm Farmers Association and of a water conservation group in the village of Rurukan, on the Masarang mountain. The ITM students are in the programme based on the top ten highest entry ranks into the University. Currently all the ITM students are studying Information Technology.

For the students studying at ITM the university fee is about €100 every six months. For the SMP students the fee is €40 every six months and for the SMA students the fee is €55 every six months. That’s a total of €290 every six months and €580 every year for the scholarship programme.


This programme pays for the education of these students in the hope that in the future they will make a contribution to their community and the environment and eventually maybe even work for the Masarang Foundation. The programme also provides more money in the pockets of the people working in association with us encouraging them to continue doing the good work that they do.