Tasikoki team rescues animals from the illegal trade

In the past days, the Tasikoki team, in cooperation with the local police raided and confiscated numerous critically endangered animals in North Sulawesi. They rescued eight rare black macaques, a python and various birds, including cockatoos and a cassowary, from the hands of illegal animal traders.

The animals are now cared for in Tasikoki, where they are first quarantined and receive medical examination. Most are in a very bad shape because of abuse, malnutrition and poor care. In the center the animals can recover and in some cases be released back into the wild. Unfortunately in many cases this is not possible anymore.

The care of these animals costs money: a blood test, medication, housing, food … therefore we need your support. Please help these animals and donate to Masarang.

The lady in the picture below, was confiscated from an animal dealer, who is also involved in trading reptiles to Singapore and the Philippines. One of several critically endangered Macaca nigra rescued on 27th August 2012, she has been malnourished for a long time and will now start the road to recovery at Tasikoki.