New scholarships for the year 2013

On the 28th of December, a ceremony was organized in Rurukan around the handing out of new scholarships for more than 100 students that are attending elementary or secondary school. Also some students got a scholarship for college.


The festive activities shows how much goodwill the scholarship program creates among the local community. Together with the Masarang Foundation the people are constantly working on further improving the supply of clean water for more villagers, and also on the further reforestation of the Masarang mountain.

The students themselves shine on this day. A number of them hope to complete university in half a year, and some would like to work for Masarang. On a question of what is one of their biggest wishes for the future a number of them answer spontaneously: “more scholarships for students.”

Many of these students received a scholarship THANKS TO YOUR DONATION.
They are very grateful for that!