New Masarang Foundation activities since april!

The Masarang Foundation is currently making preparations to produce 100.000 sugar palm seedlings for Willie’s 600.000 hectare reforestation project in East Kalimantan.

In order to obtain the best seedlings, a survey is conducted to rate which trees are producing the most sugary juice. The seedlings are then selected from the best trees. Some of these trees can produce up to 100 liters of sugary juice per day, every day!

the selection of the seedlings

The seedlings are then collected at the Masarang Foundation’s office, washed and dried, before they are brought to the nurseries. The seedlings are then planted in the nursery using very fertile volcanic soil. After the seedlings sprout, they will be sent to East Kalimantan, where they will be planted in polybags. Working with this method has proven to be very efficient. From all seedlings that are sent to the locations in various regions in Indonesia, at least 95% will develop into a highly productive sugar palm.

We are also proud to inform you that the sugar factory has successfully completed the certification process for halal production. The certification process started in 2015 with a formal application, and was finished last April with a visit from a delegation of a Halal certification agency (MUI). The certificate is mainly needed to be able to sell the palm sugar for the Malaysian market, and the local market in Indonesia.