Masarang’s Coral Restoration project

Coral Restoration project

Team Delft university
Team Delft University
In another blog on our website you can read about the technical work the five students from Delft Technical University are doing together with our local Minaesa Technical University in Tomohon. At the left you can see the make up of their team.

In the following I show a few pictures that illustrate some of their output already. They have mapped the coral reefs, the water depth, movement of water, etc. Here I show some images they produced:

Coral Restoration project
Tasikoki coast

A short clip made by Tom Nuytens (the sponsor for the coral restoration project in Temboan). This is in front of the lodge at Tasikoki but quite representive. The algae as a result of eutrified water cover a lot of the coral. We hope to prove the improvements in the coral reef condition after our reforestation of the grasslands. Tom Nuytens will also buy balsa wood from our area in Temboan, which we use to suppress the grass and can already harvest after two years before any will reach flowering age, providing quick income as well.

Coral Restoration project
Topography of Tasikoi coast

The Biorock method

The students have also already visited Gangga Island. Here the Biorock method has been implemented to restore coral reefs and bring back beaches that had washed away. They will now try to set up a similar project in front of Tasikoki. When everything is working with the solar panels, batteries, etc. the equipment will be taken to Temboan Beach for permanent placement there.

Here you see a picture with the students and our staff when we went through the grassland area that will be reforested as “Bennis Wald”. The run off of these grasslands is impacting the coral reefs. By planting trees we hope to improve the water quality and with the Biorock system we hope to speed up the coral restoration. On the right the team and our staff take the boat to go to Temboan.

Coral Restoration project
Team University Delft at future Bennis Wald
Coral Restoration project
Together with our staff

Beneath you can see a drawing of some of the designs the students came up with to test with the Biorock method, which they expect to perform better in breaking waves from more directions.

Coral Restoration project

Wille Smits 16th of March 2019

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