“Heroes of the Wilderness” devoted to the work of Willie

Opnamen voor de helden van de wildernis
Recordings for the heroes of the wilderness

Not to miss!
In a new six-part series Helden van de Wildernis Art Rooijakkers visits conservationists in beautiful natural areas around the world. Areas that are under severe pressure as well as its inhabitants. One of the episodes is dedicated to the work of Willie Smits , the Sintang Orangutan Center in Borneo, West-Kalimantan.

Alexandra en Art Rooijakkers
Alexandra and Art Rooijakkers

Art talks to Willie Smits and follows the Dutch Alexandra Vosmaer who has traded her life in the Netherlands for an existence in Borneo to work for the Sintang Orangutan Centre. A wonderful insight into the life of working in a rescue centre,to see the rescued orangutans and learn more about the problems of deforestation including the strong negative effects of the palm oil industry.

The episode will probably be broadcast on May 4, 20:30 at NPO 1. But we do not know for sure. We’ll keep you posted!

Ook de film crew dient gepast gekleed
The film crew is appropriately dressed