Black Crested Macaques move to new enclosure

Last year Masarang International spent €1800 of the funds received from private sponsors (donateurs??), to support Tasikoki for building a new “pre-release” enclosure for the black crested macaques.

Picture:Guillaume Collanges

Gipsy pondering which tree to climb first in the forest enclosure, Picture and comment by Simon Purser

Tasikoki houses over 40 black crested macaques in their rescue center.

We are very happy to inform you that the main section of the Macaque enclosure at Tasikoki was recently completed, and the largest subgroup (27 individuals) of the black crested macaques was moved into the new forest enclosure. The enclosure consists of a small patch of forest, enclosed by a 250 meters long “monkey-proof” fence. In this enclosure the macaques will learn the last skills before they will be released into a protected forest area.

The renovation of the primate center is still ongoing,Tasikoki is still working on the satellite enclosures, that will connect other, smaller groups of monkeys to the forest enclosure, which allows the groups to rotate so they can all enjoy the new enclosure.

The release group of macaca nigra exploring the transfer tunnel to the new forest enclosure, Picture and comment by Simon Purser

Sungkong, Uyot and Briko gather for a pool party, Picture and comment by Simon Purser

We congratulate Tasikoki with this important milestone and wish them good luck with the further activities for renovating the primate center.