Biochar project is progressing well!

The project to introduce sustainable alternatives to slash and burn agriculture in Borneo is progressing well.

The biochar oven is almost finished, the socialization of the biochar is well received! The rice experimental field where rice is planted and the soil worked is enriched with compost and biochar attracts many visitors. There is no clear difference in how quickly the rice grows in relation to the rice planted in the traditional ‘slash and burn’ method, but that is already a very good result, because the rice normally grows only good if the land has been burned first.

Construction of a biochar oven

De rijst proeftuin

This is an eye opener for many farmers. The advantage of the biochar will be even more visible the next season, when the rice can be planted again on the same piece, without the need for compost, biochar or (artificial) fertilizer.
The biochar also has attracted the interest of the local university in Sintang, where the students will investigate the benefits of biochar in combination with compost in more detail in experimental gardens and nurseries around the university. We hope that the new generation of farmers will adopt this new way of farming as a sustainable alternative to the traditional slash and burn agriculture!

The project was made possible by a contribution from “Fietsen scoort’ and we are very happy to have received this donation.

Fietsen scoort