Biochar, a great solution

Biochar is a very stable form of charcoal made at very high temperatures in an environment without oxygen. It improves the soil in a variety of ways like improving water retention in the soil, supporting beneficial soil micro-organisms, reducing leaching of valuable nutrients and many more ways.

The production of artificial fertilizers takes a lot of energy from fossil fuels that causes CO2 emissions. Biochar does the opposite, stored in the ground it removes CO2 from the air and puts it back in the soil and makes the land more productive with a higher living biomass. Especially in the tropics this represents a true triple P solution (People, Planet, Profit).

Thanks to a donation from the Dutch AKBH Foundation Masarang could construct 10 small biochar production units that will be placed in all of the Masarang locations to process waste wood and dead branches into biochar and to function as demonstration units for local people to teach them how to reduce costs, improve soil and produce healthier crops.

Thank you AKBH for the support! We hope that hundreds of farmers will get to experience the benefits of biochar and follow the example, helping themselves, helping the hydrology around and help the climate!

Willie Smits
Tomohon, 18-2-2021