Become a volunteer in Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre in Indonesia

It is possible to become a volunteer at Tasikoki. You will help taking care of the animals and the maintenance of the park being part of an international group of enthusiastic volunteers. You come in contact with more than 200 rescued animals from 40 different species that are currently at the Centre.


Some brief information about becoming a volunteer at Tasikoki

Want to know more about becoming a volunteer at Tasikoki, please send an email to You will receive an information package and if you are seriously interested you will be helped further to make your Tasikoi stay as pleasant as possible. It really is a unique experience you will not forget the rest of your life!

For a closer look at 8 weeks of volunteering at Tasikoki, read the report from Dutch volunteer Myrte Voormolen.

You can also take a look at the short movie (of Raymond Hartman) about the daily life of a volunteer in Tasikoki.

More visitor information and possibilities at Tasikoki

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