Artist Rob Voerman donated € 8,283 to Masarang, a fantastic initiative!

Rob designed and built for the art exhibition SONSBEEK ’16: transaction a bank (the Exchange) in which economy and ecology are linked. The structure of the building symbolizes this connection and according to Rob, the only way to save our natural resources as well as the world itself.

The bank issues a payment from the value of which depends on the ecological resources on earth. The notes are via the serial number associated with a single square meter somewhere on earth, and (called a Square), the value of the coupon is determined by the pollution that is present on this square meter. Here, the value of the note can vary from 100 (completely clean) to 1 (a chemical toilet).

willie en rob voerman
Rob handing over the check to Willie worth € 8,283

After the symbolic handing over of the money, Willie gave a lecture to the spectators who were very impressed with all the plans that are in progress at the moment.

Willie dankt Rob tijdens zijn lezing in Arnhem
Willie thanking Rob at his lecture in Arnhem

Thanks to Rob and the volunteers the visitors of his work bought in the period from June – September packets of banknotes and postcards. The € 8,283 goes to Masarang and we will use this donation to protect the tropical rainforest, something Rob is caring for since he was 15 when he sent a letter to the UN asking when they would act seriously against the destruction of the rainforest. We hope to cooperate in the future with Rob and thank him for his great gesture!

Kunstwerk Rob Voerman
Artwork The exchange by Rob Voerman

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