The Parakito project

the Parakito project
Dirja and Hendra with 75 certified, high-quality and grafted fruit trees that soon will provide food for animals at Tasikoki.

Thanks to a gift from Parakito, 25 different types of fruit trees are now being planted on Tasikoki. These include Mango, Mangosteen, Avocados, and Durians. The goal is to improve the food supply for the animals. The trees also have an educational function for the students and others who visit Tasikoki.

The fruit trees are not just local tree species. They have been selected to quickly produce fruit, and provide production throughout the year. The local climate has also been taken into account and to some extent even the local soil conditions.

We hope that so much fruit will grow that the visitors can eat the surplus, and even that we can make jam to sell. All this in order to reduce the overhead costs of Tasikoki that increase significantly each year. The increasing costs put a strain on the continued care for the animals in the center.

We also hope for rain quickly. At this moment it is very dry on Tasikoki and leaves have to be found on the Masarang mountain rather far away.

Below Willie tells a bit more about the project below.

Parakito is a company that makes natural means against mosquitoes. The employees of Tasikoki also received a number of bottles with anti-mosquito spray and are very happy with it.