Help Selfa to a fun challenge!


Selfa is self-employed and organizes events for companies including Nike. She does this on project basis. It often involves events for large groups, sometimes up to 1,500 guests and she then works full throttle in sometimes 120-hour weeks!

“I thought I was doing good,” she exclaims during our conversation, a sigh as she recently discovered that many of the products she is using contain palm oil, and which are now all out of the house! It is difficult to find alternatives, there are here and there websites where you can find some information. I tell her that you can bypass palm oil if you buy fresh food (that is also much healthier).

Selfa will collect money for Masarang because she wants to do something against deforestation and palm oil, and through a friend who has done volunteer work at Tasikoki she heard about the work of Willie Smits. What appeals to her the most is his PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS AND his CIRCULAR AND SCALABILITY OF IDEAS in the fight against the palm oil industry, and his work to protect the orangutan. She finds it VERY important that the money ends up at the work in Indonesia, transparency is very important to her.

She herself has been to Kalimantan already 15 years ago, and a lot of what is now going on happened already then. The palm oil industry, deforestation and forest fires. She also met the local Dayak people.

She will do 12 challenges to help Masarang. These can be SPORTING AND NON-SPORTING CHALLENGES, and she wants to do ONE every month. She hopes not only to raise money but also to make people aware of the deforestation of the rain forests. It is not only far away. Rainforests are the lungs of the earth, and that also concerns us!

Selfa bij de Winterelfstedentocht 2017
Selfa at the Winter Elfstedentocht 2017

Do you know a fun challenge ??
Selfa now has a number of challenges. She has already done the Winter Eleven cities journey, a biking challenge (the 90km) and IN MARCH she collects AS MUCH LITTER AS POSSIBLE . THE highlight for her challenge IS her PARTICIPATION IN CYCLE OREGON, A 700 KM LONG CYCLING THROUGH THE BEAUTIFUL NATURE OF OREGON (10-17 July 2017). DURING THIS TRIP A FEW teammates join her to help raising money. But she is still looking for more! So if you know a fun challenge for her, please let us know.

We wish Selfa lots of success, and we are very happy with her fantastic initiative!