Masarang International aims for transparency about revenue, expenses and supported projects. Masarang has a distinctive and effective approach to conservation and some other important features that ensure that donations are very well spent.


Minimal costs allowing more money to go directly to the projectsMasarang aims that for every Euro donated a minimum of EUR 0.95 goes directly to the projects. This can be achieved because Masarang minimizes overhead and administrative costs. The people of Masarang International are volunteers who do this work out of passion and receive no pay. Only for some much-needed external services (such as accounting, IT maintenance and payment handling) fees have to paid, however these are significantly discounted given the charitable objective of the Foundation. Also Masarang does not work with intermediaries (who cost money) and only with local employees who work in projects and receive a (relatively low) local wage. Consequently each donated Euro yields maximum return for the environment.Masarang starts working immediately with the money received Masarang has an existing local organization that can continue projects right away once money is available. It has local workers, it is entitled to buy land and is rooted in local society. No projects have to be found for the money that comes in and no local organizations need to be hired. So the organization can spend donations without delay and can make them productive right away.Masarang has Willie Smits, a unique ambassador for conservationWillie Smits, the leader and founder of Masarang, has been fighting for the environment for 25 years with tremendous passion and skill. The international media, and many leading scientists and politicians take him very serious. Being a respected and capable expert, Willie can reach thousands of people when telling about problems and solutions for nature (e.g. in media). When we support Willie and his projects he can inform, inspire and mobilize many more people to change their behavior and do the right thing.Masarang has experience and has been awardedMasarang is already supported by a reputable organization such as the Rabobank Foundation and has been awarded many times. The Foundation won the Padma Award 2009 of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and it was a finalist in the BBC World Challenge 2007. In addition, 3 individual employees received the highest environmental award in Indonesia, the Kalpataru, out of the hands of the president. Willie Smits has been awarded many times and is often consulted for his opinion as an expert by (International) media, including the BBC, National geographic and CNN. Masarang also has the necessary experience; most projects are running at least several years.

Annual report 2020

Masarang International 2020 – Report from the BoardInevitably, the year 2020 has been impacted significantly by the COVID-19 virus. Many Masarang team members in Indonesia have experienced contaminations in their families, struggled with their own health, and suffered from the financial consequences. Similarly, the financial income of Masarang Indonesia has been hit severely. No more volunteers helping out in Tasikoki, no more international school visits, and no more tourists visiting the Amfitheater and the Eco-lodge. Meanwhile, the operational costs continued and the Masarang team had to scramble to feed the animals and pay the employee salaries.Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the Masarang mission is more relevant than ever. Clearly, the way our ‘civilized world’ has been dealing with the natural resources on our planet is not sustainable. We have to dramatically change our lifestyle and find new and innovative ways to help a growing population live in balance with nature and wildlife. This is exactly what Willie Smits and Masarang stand for. Next to financial emergency aid to the team in Indonesia, Masarang International has continued to focus her financial support on the strategic priorities below. A comprehensive financial overview can be found in the audited financial statements.
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Masarang annual report 2020 (pdf),
Masarang annual accounts 2020 (pdf)
Annual ANBI-form 2020 (pdf)

Annual report 2019

Masarang International aims for transparency about revenue, expenses and supported projects. The publication of the official Annual Report may be viewed by anyone. By publishing the annual report, Masarang further complies with the requirements set by the government for an ANBI Foundation.In the 2019 annual report you can see that we have continued with the Temboan beach project. We have once again been able to purchase connecting pieces of land and thus also secure the hinterland, so that we can reforest them again.Unfortunately, we also have less news to report, as our Tasikoki animal shelter has had a difficult year. Due to the social unrest in Hong Kong and China, the number of school visits and volunteers from those countries has decreased drastically. This decrease puts great pressure on Tasikoki’s financial housekeeping.Since 2018, the Amphitheater in Tomohon (Sulawesi) has been the new suitable accommodation of the local foundation Yayasan Masarang Indonesia. Last year, in the presence of one of the sponsors, the new library was opened and the new building was officially put into use. It is always special when sponsors come and have a look themselves and Masarang Indonesia gives special attention to this with a festive touch!At the end of the year we also received nice extra publicity through several broadcasts on Belgian television. A few years earlier, in collaboration with Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) in Kalimantan, we did a project to set up a new orangutan release area in a beautifully unspoilt area. This program was broadcast in 2019, see the previous reports on our website.And very special is that Willie Smits has received the Bambi prize. All this extra attention ensures that Masarang’s work is brought to the attention and thus provides new interested parties and donations.
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Masarang annual report 2019 (pdf)
Masarang anual accounts 2010 (pdf)

Annual report 2018

Masarang International aims for transparency about revenue, expenses and supported projects. The publication of the official Annual Report may be viewed by anyone. By publishing the annual report, Masarang further complies with the requirements set by the government for an ANBI Foundation.

Annual report 2018

Hereby we present the annual report of 2018. We would like to ask special attention for a new special project which Masarang started this year! In the Temboan Beach project we have started a purchase program in collaboration with the village chief of Temboan village to secure this special beach and the hinterland.The total area measures 500 hectares; Masarang International has been able to spend € 900,000 on the purchase of more than 400 hectares of land. After securing the area, we will start work in 2019 on a management plan for Temboan Beach, the start of reforestation of useless grasslands and restoration of broken corals with a special “Biorock” method. We kindly refer you to the
Final Masarang annual report 2018 (pdf)
Masarang annual accounts 2018 (pdf)